Dare to Dream

Most people don’t dream. Well maybe i should refrase my statement by saying that most people do not have the courage to dream. As for the reasons for this i can only conjecture but a few. Among those i could mention

God is a Dreamer

Our Creator is not an average dreamer but extremely Big, the stature of His dreams are directly proportional to His true essence. That should be a source of encouragement for everyone of us. That simply means that if He dreams than we are also allowed to dream His dreams. I think this distinction is very important. We should attempt to dream the dreams that God has for us.

Perhaps one of the reasons people give up on their dreams is the fact that those dreams are not in alignment with what God has for them. Becaus e once you begin to dream those dreams that are divinely inspired, He also makes availble the grace for the realization and the fulfillment of that dream.

God’s dreams are not enacted neither fulfilled in the energy of the flesh, but are realized through the help of His Spirit and His ever sufficient grace for our lives. That is importatnt to understant if we are going to ever fulfil the dreams that God has for us.

The important thing is that we should be inmitators of God as dear children Efesians 5:21 , that is if God is a dreamer we should dare to dream too and should never apologise for that. The world has no room for dreamless people.

The Choice is Yours

Choose to dream today, that is a choice that you have to make and do not allow anything or any circumstance or situation to stop you from dreaming. That is a choice that you have to make for yourself and no one will make it for you.

Go ahead and dream, if not for you do it for your children;

If not for your children do it for your husband;

If not for your husband do it for your wife;

If not for your your wife do it for your parents;

If not for them all do it for the world;

If not for the world do it for God.

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