How to Find Your Passion

One of the questions that most people have difficult finding out is about what they are really passionate about. And i don’t men to say that it is something easy, because while it may be for some people, others may still find it a bit difficult to discover their passion.

The importance of this subject in our lives is what prompted me to write this article, because i believe that it can help to clear up some things in people’s lives with regards to what they are called to do in life

We need to realize first that passions is something that is deposited within us by God Himself, and it is there as an indicator to what we are called to do in life. Often times we come to the end of our lives without ever-living out our true passions because we are forever in a survival mode.

I would like through this article help those who still find it hard to discover what is their passion.  I do believe that this article will be helpful to all those who are passionate about life and would like to move out of the survival mode and start living. If you still find it hard to know how to find your passion, then this article is for you.

In this article you will find some ways to discover to know how  to  find your Passion, so read on.

  • What do You Like to Talk About the  Most?

The things that we like to talk about and discuss most of the time are those that are really close to our hearts. While we talk about so many things on a daily basis depending on the context in which we are in. There are those things that we always default to and easily navigate through with our tongues. Those who listen to us can actually feel our passion as we speak.

  • What Books Do You Usually Read?

Besides the technical books that we read at school for our degrees and studies, what are those topics that you like to read about. What is the common topic of the books that you are interested in and keep you wanting to know and understand more of it. Is it finances, business, health, technology, computers, the environment, music, culture, politics, education.

  • What Frustrates You? 

Are there things in your life that frustrate you? What about life in genera? And society as a whole? In these frustrations there could be hidden gems of pointers to what is that you are passionate about. So what is it?

  • What Makes You Excited?

There are those things that usually keep us excited in life, what are those to you. Does anything keep you excited in life? Think about it, it is not by chance that only that or those things keep you excite. It could be a signal to you that yes you are passionate about it.

  • What Keeps You Motivated?

Motivation is the engine of life, without it is difficult to keep going. We all need motivation in life in order to keep going and to do the things that we are supposed to do daily. Without motivation it sometimes becomes very difficult to move on in life.

Motivation energizes us and keeps us going when nothing else helps, and there are those things that at times help to turn us on.So what is it that turns you on and keeps you motivated in life.

  • What Can You do Incessantly Without Being Paid?

Quite often we do a lot of things in life not because we like them or are passionate about them, but as means of survival. In other words you and i could have a profession that pays our bills but does not necessarily brings fulfillment to life.

Now if you had a choice in life of doing those things that you enjoy doing without any financial reward, what would that be? We all have things that like doing and are passionate about them, and we do those without any external motivation or reward. What is it for you?

  • What do You Love to Do?

Is there anything that you like to do to the extent that you don’t get tired of doing it because you love it so much? This is an important indicator to what you are passionate about because by default gravitate towards those things that we love to do and are passionate about. Is there anything that you like/love to do?

  • What Makes You Cry?

We are all emotional beings and that is the way we have all been wired and there is no need to apologize for that. I am quite an emotional person, and i usually cry when i hear an inspirational story that inspires me to do something, and i also cry when something saddens me especially at act of injustice.  And this is because i am passionate about helping people fulfill their destiny and realize their purpose.

  • What do You Like to Write About?

Do you like writing like i do? And what is it that you usually write about? This is important because we usually write about things that are really closed to our hearts. The things that we are a passionate about. So start thinking about the topics that you constantly write about the most.

  • What Problems Would You Like to Solve?

Our world is far from being  a perfect world and there a lot of things that need to be fixed, the fact is that not all things are important to everyone. There are things that are important for me and there are those that i consider less important (not to say they are not important ).  However, it is crucial that we are able to define what are those things that if had the opportunity to fix we would do.

In other words which things that you consider important to be fixed and that you are ready or  would like to fix. This propels you to take a proactive approach to problem solving, so that instead of complaining about the things that are not perfect, you start bringing  answers and solutions.

  • If You Had All the Money You Need in This Life What Would You do With it?

This question is quite important because the world in which we live revolves around money and whatever it is we need to do in life requires money. We spent large amounts of our precious time in money-making activities because of its great importance for our living.

Without money it is almost impossible to get things done in life, from the moment you are born to the day you are buried you need  moneyThat it is why we dedicate a great deal of our time to find it. And during the process we all have (at least i assume) a particular figure in mind that would allow us to do what we are passionate about.

So imagining that you already have that magical amount what would you do? What would you use all that money for? What you like to do with all the money that you would like to have?

So that is it for now, share with me in the comments bellow and let me know what you think.

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