Identity, Potential, and Purpose

There are three most important questions that all human beings should answer if they are to live happy and fulfilled lives while on earth. It is vitally important for the survival  of civilization that we all live within the scope of who we are, what we have, an why we are on planet earth. For we are all born and created with an identity, imbued with the capability to fulfill something which constitutes our potential, and born for a purpose.

The answer to these questions brings us to the conclusion that three most important questions in life have all to do with finding out about our identity, potential, and purpose.

1. Who am i?(Identity)

The first question that every human being should ask himself is definitely related to who he is. This quest for identity from the part of men has reached epic proportions in the sense that it is manifested in different ways. At the heart of this question is the identity crises that is quite evident in humans today.

We are all witnesses in our day-to-day dealings with people of some symptoms of the identity crises that haunts most of civilization today. And this crises is manifested in various ways, starting from the frequent discrimination of one group of people over the other, the superiority/inferiority complex that most humans exhibit. The need insecurity that is manifested by the need to oppress one group of people to prove that one superior over the other. The ideological views that one holds in life

These has prompted men to hide behind certain things that they deem important such as material things, human ideologies, education, religious views and preferences,  gender identity issues, nationalism, extremism, fashion, the need to always prove a point to others, and the list goes on and on.

The truth is that even though we exert so much effort during our lifetime there always comes a day in our lives that we should all ask the question, who am i? And i believe that the moment that we sincerely and honestly begin to ask such a question about ourselves, that is the time that we begin to truly live.

Our identity in life is very important because it is through it that we are able to eventually find our placement on earth during our lifetime. It is quite astonishing to mention that human beings are the only creatures that suffer from an identity crisis. I have never seen a dog trying to be cat, or lion trying to be an elephant, or even a monkey trying to be a lizard. I am sure that neither do you, and the reason for that is that these creatures function according to the identity that was given to them by the Creator.

It is sad to say but human beings are the only creatures that are confused about who they truly are, and we constantly see this confusion being evidenced by the fact that today we assume one identity, and tomorrow we assume something else, and the other day something entirely different. The mere fact that most of the people believe that we are monkeys on an elevated stage of evolution is quite insulting  to say the least, to the genius of creation.

For as long as humans continue to navigate life in denial of their source of existence to the creator, they are doomed to live chaotic lifestyles without a clear sense of purpose and direction in life. This in itself is problematic and quite catastrophic to the very earth that we were mandated to have dominion over.

Unless we truly come to the realization of who we truly are in this life we will never function to the full extent of who we were designed to be and function. We cannot function accurately in life while outside the jurisdiction of who we are as individuals human beings. The very fact that each of us has a unique finger print and a very peculiar genetic makeup is  an indicator that we are all wired not only differently but also uniquely and distinctly.

2. What can i buying stanozolol online do?(Potential)

The identity of a thing brings within itself the potential for which it was created, in other words we all have within us the ability and the capacity within us to fulfill that for which God has created us. It is incumbent upon each of us to eventually arrive at a place in life where we are all able to realize that there is so much more within us than our circumstances suggest.

Quite often we fail to understand that we are wired with unique capabilities and resources within us due to the environment in which we are part of. The circumstances of our upbringing, the type of education, the society in which we grew from and are currently part of are all contributors to the kind of people that we have become today.

3. What am I here for? (Purpose)

The third most important aspect in this lie is the fact the we are here for a purpose, nobody in this life is here by chance. There is no mistake in creation, we were all created with and for a specific plan and purpose. We are all  God’s idea and are part of  His eternal plan and purpose.

Regardless of the circumstances of our birth, whether we were born in circumstances which were unplanned by  our parents, whether we were rejected, or even a product of an incestuous relationship, or even further conceived out of rape. The fact is that the circumstances of our birth do not have a bearing on what we become. Because what we become is a direct result of what we were created to be and to do in this life.

In light of all these it is the responsibility of every men on planet earth to inquire and to find out from the Creator who is, what he has and why he was put on planet earth. We should all live with this sense of purpose in our day-to-day here on earth because what gives fulfillment for men is the actual fulfillment and the realization of his purpose.

Once we all begin to live out our purpose our lives begin to have a different meaning and our perspective of what life is about changes as well. The pursuit of purpose should become the only obsession of every human living on earth, and that is the secret to a meaningful life.

So the three most important questions that we must all answer in our lifetime are who am I? What do I have? Why am I here? My question to you is, have you answered these three questions for yourself?