In Search Of Purpose

God created man for a reason and that reason for the creation of man is what we call purpose. It is therefore, man’s responsability to discover what his purpose in life is. If man does not discover and realize his purpose for existence, his life will end up in endless and sensless experiments and never achieving true fulfillment in life.

A lot of people spend their entire lives wondering in frustration upon frustration hoping that by sheer luck things will eventually get better. And this actually never happens.

God’s Responsability vs Man’s Responsability

In this all issue of purpose that we are talking about today, it is important to understand the roles and respondabilities in what concerns us and God. In the creation of mankind God did so with a specific purpose for every human being. God’s responsability therefore, in this whole scenario is to give man a purpose and a destiny. However, it is upon every human being living on planet earth to discover what his purpose for living is.

We as human beings do not decide or choose what our purpose for life is because that has already been decided for us by the Creator God the Almighty. Hence, the responsabitlity of every man living is to find out why he is on this earth.

Your Circumstances do Not Matter

A lot of people go around life mourning and complaing for the rest of their days blaming the circumstances of their birth and upbringing for their current situation in life. While people were born in different and varied situations and circumstances, this should not at any moment limit us from living out our destiny in this life.

Some people were born out of weddlock, some were given for adoption, some were rejected as they were growing up, others were considered an accident their coming to this world. That to say that their parents did not plan their coming to the world in the manner in which they were conceived. And the list goes on and on…

As we can see the circumstances of one’s birth may vary, however, that should not in any way determine what we become in life. Because it is God who has determined what we should become in life in spite of the circumstances of your birth and or upbringing.

Every man on planet earth was created with a specific purpose and it is incumbent upon every man to discover his purpose and fulfil it. The problem though, is that the majority of the people live life without even realizing what their purpose for living is.

I would like to encourage you to know that your life matters to God and that He is concerned with you realizing your destiny and living your true purpose in life. Therefore, embark on this journey of searching for  the true reason you  were born and placed on this earth.

You are Not an Accident

Throughout your life you may have gone through a lot of negative experiences and endured a lot of criticism and therefore, have become a victim of the negative opinions of other people. As a result you have lived your up to this far thinking that you should have never come to this earth. Perhaps like Job in the Bible you have cursed the day you were born thinking that you are a mistake. With your permission i beg to differ and contend with you for the fact that all those were lies.

I would like you to know that your life matters to God and so does the life of every single person on this planet. You are special and valuable to God, you do have a special place in the overall plan of God for mankind. So please believe me and discount all the negative experiences and reports and opinions of others with regards to your life. Your life is not an accident.

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