Leaving a Lasting Legacy

In life we are all inspired by the legacy that those who went ahead of us have left behind so that we can also follow suit. I do think that the reason some of us are passionate about life or at least should be about the life. Life is short that is a fact that we all know even though at times we act as if we don’t, yet still it doesn’t change that rude fact.

Due to the brevity of life if one is to have a meaningful life while on this earth that should be done doing something that we strongly believe in, and that will contribute to humanity. Using the words of Steve Jobs i would say that,

“we should all aim to leave a dent in life”

We can only do that if we intentionally aim to leave we the purpose of contributing for this world in your small world. We all have our own portion of the world to impact and make a difference, and all that is because of the imperfections and the defects that it presents us with.

We should not leave the world in the same way we found it and not even worse than we found. I believe there is a reason that you and i are alive in such a time as this. And that each of us have an assignment to fulfill from the part of the Master.

With that in mind we should therefore, do our level best to interact with this world with a different posture and attitude altogether. And that posture should be one that says that i will never be satisfied until a make at least a small contribution in this life.

You and i will all be remembered for the things we do while alive and not for the things that we did not do. So why not do something meaningful for the good of civilization.

People That Left Lasting Legacies for Us to Follow

When i think about people who left a dent on this world a few come to mind, even though there are a lot more. But i would like to mention just a few with the intent that perhaps it will bring a reminder to you and i with regards to the challenges that we have to deal with.

Some of the people who i can think of are:

  • Steve Jobs: left a legacy of innovation to this world that we are still benefiting from it;
  • Nelson Mandela: Who will ever forget the
  • Martin Luther  King: If it was not for this man Obama would not be the President of the US today;
  • Mother Theresa: Ask the poor people of India;
  • Mahatma Gandhi: the leader of the non violence movement;
  • Thomas Edison: If he hadn’t refused to give up, we would still groping in darkness;
  • Isaac Newton: He made us understand the law of gravity
  • Jesus Christ: Without his sacrifice on the cross, we were all doomed to condemnation.
  • And many more….

I Have Made a Decision

  • I for one have made a choice and a decision that i will do my best to make my small portion of the world a better place.
  • I have made the decision that i will fulfill my calling no matter what;
  • I have made the decision that  i will the best life i possibly can;
  • I have made the decision that i will live for the good of civilization;
  • I have made the decision that i will make a difference in my world;
  • I have a decision to inspire the people that surround me and those that are far from me;
  • I have made a decision to leave a legacy for my generation;

What About You

  • It’s now up to you, can you tell me what will your contribution be for your own portion of the world;
  • Can you tell me what is your call in this life;
  • Can you tell me why are you on this planet;
  • Can you tell me what will your legacy be in this life;
  • What will you be remembered for?

I must say that if you are not able to answer these questions to yourself, than you are not fit to live.”


You see, in life we either live for something or die for nothing. I think we should start demanding upon ourselves the responsibility to live meaningful lives. Because if we do not consciously do that we are just kidding ourselves, and consequently we will live with many regrets.

We Can All do Something

One common denominator for most people not doing something meaningful with their lives is that they do not know what they can do. At least that is the answer that keeps echoing from the people i hear. But i beg to disagree with this lame excuse. Because there is lot to be done.

There is more than enough work to do and rubble to be removed to the extent that it will take ages for the mess to be fixed. And due to that reason there is room for all of us and there is work for you too. So what is your excuse, what will you tell your children?

It is now up to you….

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