A Reason to Say Thank You

EdgarChauque.com-MoneyIts Thanks Giving season in the United States, at this time the North Americans dedicate this day and season as a thanksgiving day. It is a time where families join together and find reasons to say thank you. Thank you, this magic word as we usually teach children, so that they can grow up remembering that they have to always be appreciative of what they are given.

Even though it is a Holiday season for the USA, thanksgiving is something that we should not wait for a day to celebrate. Even though i cherish the idea that the Americans dedicate a specific day to say thank you  and i find it quite noble, i still stand for the idea that thanksgiving should be a lifestyle that should be adopted by every human living on planet earth.

Due to this very reason i have decided to find ways to be thankful in this particular day, so bellow you will find a few reasons for me to say thank you.

  • I Thank God for the Gift of life

I am alive today because of God’s grace. From the air i breath, the health and the lifestyle i live today is because of the fact that the Lord has been so good to me. For that i am forever grateful, and i do not have enough words to express how grateful  i am.

  • I thank God for My Parents

Without them i would not be here, they fought for me and believed in me even in the toughest times of my life. My parents are to some extent the reason i am here today.

  • I thank God for My Education

I love education, and that is just in me. Even though i am not a highly educated person, i have to say that i got some education and i am thankful to God for it. On this side of the world where i live and am from, education is still a luxury in some places. That is why it is quite a stride when one is able to get some education, for that i am thankful to God.

  • I thank God for Computers

I believe that i was born to work on computers and i am living in the right time in the history of humanity. The reason i am alive today in this digital age, testify to the fact that i was born in the right generation.

  • I thank God for the Internet

I still remember quite vividly the first time i had an interaction with the Internet. And that was fourteen years ago when we were still using Dial Up. Even though i do not miss the days of the dial up, i do cherish the fact that it was during the days of the Dial Up that i was introduced to the Internet and i never look back.

Little did i know that one day i would be making a living working on the Internet, that is a blessing.

  • I thank God for WordPress

I just love WordPress, the fist time i launched a website was on top of the WordPress platform. And i never looked back, having since then built a multitude of sites both for me and for others. Today i make part o my income building websites on WordPress, and teaching people to build web pages with WordPress. It is just a love affair, i must say.

Thank You!

What about you, what are you thankful about?

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