The Inevitability of Change

There are few things in life that are constant, at least right now i can only think of just a few, and among those is what we as humans almost dread the most and tend to resist to it quite often. I am talking about change, and i believe that if there is something that is universally agreed upon is that change is a constant.

When i say that change is a constant i mean to say that it is inevitable, and both you and i know that for a fact. No matter whether we agree with it or not, the fact is that change is a constant and it will always remain like that for as long as human life exists.

What is astounding to me is the fact that even though we know that change in our lives will eventually come, we tend to resist it. We as humans by default tend to quite often resist it change when it comes or even go in denial about it. In most cases we even try to resist it which is an exercise in futility.

Almost all things in life change, we change clothes, we change houses, we change professions, we change cars, we change jobs, we change careers, we change partners, we change the type of food we eat, we change…well the list is endless at least you can now see my point.

There are Things That We Cannot Control

Some of the things that i mentioned come as a result of personal choice or the eventualities of life, some things we don’t have control over them and that is just the way it is. And this is a fact that we as humans need to accept and and just live with it.

For instance it is a fact that we are growing older each day and no matter how much we tend to go in denial, it still does not change this one fact. One day your children will grow and leave you, that is also just a fact and that is the way it is, they will not remain kids forever.

It is also a fact that one day we will all die, can you accept this truth and this is what change is all about. We are all growing and evolving each day that goes by and we need to adjust our lives to the reality of dynamics of life. Life is dynamic and it is incumbent upon us that we get to grips with this truth.

The Right Attitude to Change

After having read all that i just shared what should our attitude be towards change, and i must say that this is not one of the easiest things to do in life. However, it is something that we can all try to adjust our mentalities to it. While many try to reject change, others tend to resist it, and some would rather reject change. Our attitudes to change should be different.

It should be different in a sense that we must first deal with certain facts relating to change:

  • Change will come;
  • Change is a reality;
  • Change is a constant;
  • We all deal with change at some point in our lives;
  • There are things that we cannot control;
  • Change is coming;

So based upon the facts mentioned above ,what should i do in relation to change? The answer is we should all accept change when it comes as a reality in our lives. And when we do so we will also be prepared for it, once we are prepared to accept change we should make the necessary adjustments to it.

Here are some of the attitudes that we should develop about change in our lives:

  • Accept Change;
  • Expect Change;
  • Prepare for Change;
  • Get over it…

Well these were my rantings for today, i hope it helps and if doesn’t it is still cool. And this is the inevitability of change for you.

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