10 Reasons to Choose WordPress as a Content Publishing Platform

Publishing content on the internet has become quite a big thing in our days, almost anybody can publish content online as long as the person has something to share. However, when comes to publishing content the choice of the platform is equally important as the content itself. When choosing a platform for publishing one has to consider several aspects.

So in this article i will be sharing with your 10 reasons to choose WordPress as a Content Publishing Platform.

1. It is easy to Install

With the one click install that most web hosting companies provide it makes the job quite easy to install WordPress for publishing. This is quite important because you can have a WordPress installation done in about five minutes and ready to start publishing some content. That is the simplicity and ease of use that WordPress offers one.

2. It is the Mot Popular Web Publishing Platform

Being the most popular publishing platform speaks volumes to us because for sure there must be a reason that both big companies, small businesses, and individuals like you and me choose WordPress. There must be a very good reason for to be the preferred solution of many content publishers on the internet.

Right now it powers 15% of the web and is used by the top 100 popular sites on the web. Given some of this facts i believe that it is fair to say that WordPress is synonymous with online publishing.

3. It has a large Support Community

One of the strengths of WordPress it is its ever-growing and generous community. This is i believe the lifeblood of the WordPress platform, because without its great community it wouldn’t be where it is today. Because of this great community you can actually speed up your learning process because the internet abound with tutorials and blogs that show you how to use WordPress for free.

At least that is how i learned to use this platform, and i am so greatly honored for being part of this community as well. So with WordPress you are not alone because there is a big family of enthusiasts who are willing to help you for free most of the times.

4. It is Easy to Learn and Find Help

Learning to use the platform is one important aspect of your being able to use it, and the good news is that learning it is not quite difficult due to the abundance of tutorials and training on how to use WordPress for publishing your content online.  So do make sure that you take advantage of both the trainings, tutorials, and the courses that are available online so that you can be empowered and ready to publish for the web.

5. It is  SEO  Friendly

Getting traffic to your site is the most important task that one has to accomplish because without it then your site will have no one to visit. So once you have your site up and running your want to make sure that you bring people to your site. And the way to do this is through the usage of a concept SEO.

This stands for Search Engine optimization, signifying that without a proper SEO structure your site will not survive online. And that is where WordPress shines because it was designed with SEO in mind.

6. It is extendable

The power of WordPress are in its plugins, and plugins are small scripts and pieces of software that allow you to make with your site whatever you want to do with it. Plugins are what make WordPress shine the most, giving the possibility and extending itself to whatever you want to do. And with it s more than 30 000 plugins in the plugin directory you do not need look so far to find a plugin to do what you want to do, both with free and premium plugins.

7. It is versatile

The versatility of WordPress is in its power themes and these are templates that change the look and the way your site appears. And for these there are more than 15 000 free themes in the plugin directory alone. That is without mentioning premium themes are also in abundance online.

8. It is Secure

Security is major Achilles heal online now, literally everyday websites are attacked by hackers and people with malicious intentions. That is why web safety is a crucial issue for anyone who publishes online. With WordPress that issue is resolved due to its constant and regular updates. Despite the fact that WordPress is being hugely targeted due to its large success, it’s still quite secure.

9. It Gives You Control

Gives me the power i believe is the greatest chant of any democratic society, and in response to the Democratic spirit of the age, with WordPress you have complete control over it. Meaning that with it your do not need to depend on any other person for you to be able to make changes on your site. With WordPress you are in total control of your site  in the internet.

10. Share With us Your Number Ten Reason

Now its your turn to share with us your reason to use WordPress.