Launch Your First Blog Online In Five Steps

Ever since i launched my first blog in 2010 and having created websites for businesses over the years, i became known as the go to guy for anything internet related, at least within my circle of Internet. But one of the questions i usually get asked a lot is on how to get an online presence.

So due to that today i decided to publish an article on how to do that, because even though it is something that i have become used to and it is relatively easy for me to do, it is not for everyone. So in this article i will guide you on how you can create your blog online.

1. Choose a Topic

The online world is about writing and publishing good content and if you want to join the large community of internet publishers you can definitely do so. There is certainly room for more, however, you must have content to write and that content has to do with your preferred topic of choice.

Once you have a topic in mind that you enjoy and can consistently write about, there is nothing stopping you from doing so. You can start right away.

 2. Register a Domain Name

The first thing to do before launching your blog is to think on a domain name to use, and usually this domain name should be related to the content of your blog. Meaning that it should be close to what your blog will be about.

After you have decided on that the second step is to find a domain registrar where you can get your domain registered, and for that i recommend that you do so with Namecheap. I have been registering all my domains with them for the past for years now and i find them to be relatively cheap.

3. Register a  Web Hosting

Web hosting is where your blog pages will be kept and hosted and a good web hosting company would something like Hostgator. They are quite good and i have been using them for the past four years as well.

4. Install WordPress

WordPress is the best and most used content publishing and blogging software in the world.  It is quite easy to install and to configure, and learn due to the great community of passionate volunteers that are behind it. With WordPress you cannot go wrong.

In addition to that with it you can easily publish any type of content and you have the ability to change themes from time to time, and to extend it as well due to the magic of plugins.

And since you will be using Hostgator as your web host it will be quite easy for you to install it with their Quick Install script. Meaning that in less than five minutes you can have WordPress installed and ready to publish your blog.

5. Publish Your First Blog  Online

After all the technical configurations are done, it is time to start with the fun part of publishing content. This is what you have been waiting for up to know. So go ahead and start writing and publishing good content to your readers.